Mid Century Retro Gaming Display Showcase

Welcome to Retro Thrifter! This is my first official blog post ever so go easy on me. This is about my mid century Dania furniture retro gaming display showcase. Can you identify the systems inside?

I bought this and some other matching furniture at an estate sale. These came with the Dania catalog which was a plus because it is awesome just by itself. I will have to scan and post the entire catalog sometime just because it should be shared. This furniture is made with genuine walnut by American of Martinsville, VA. made in America but inspired by Danish design.

The catalog shows how great fine china and other kitchenware would look inside this cabinet. Naturally I looked at it and saw nothing but a retro museum.

System #1
1982 – Commadore 64 computer and matching C64 monitor.

System #2
1985 – NES Nintendo system and NES Advantage controller.

System #3
1989 – Sega Genesis system

System #4
1989 – Original Gameboy by NES

System #5
199? – Super Nintendo System

System #6
197? – Atari 400 Computer system

System #8
1982 – Atari 2600 game system

In my next post I will be talking about installing the IKEA bought L.E.D. lights and how I setup the video loops on the monitors. Thanks for reading!



Retro Mid Cent Display


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